Quality Materials

Iamtrend goes to great lengths to source only the finest quality materials which will allow our garments to hang in your wardrobe for years to come.

Hand Selected

We are dedicated to selecting the most unique and on trend styles. All items are hand selected and exclusive to Iamtrend.

Fabric & Styling

All of our garments are made from unique, quality fabric imported from various international markets. Iamtrend is focused on bringing you exclusive on trend fashion.

On Trend

Iamtrend is is committed to bringing you the latest styling, fabrics and designs taking you straight from the office to a night out with the girls.

About Iamtrend

Founded by Tamarin Aubrey, Iamtrend is routed from a profound passion for ladies clothing and accessories. Everything we do is focused on bringing our customers the latest international trends. Iamtrend is more than being “on trend” it’s about being unapologetically YOU.

What once started as a clothing label rapidly evolved into one of South Africa’s hottest eyewear brands. All our items are available online, offering our customers an exclusive, unique shopping experience.

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